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Thoughts and Values

Though I’ve been interested in politics all my adult life, parenthood served as the catalyst for my involvement.  Our children are now young adults, but through their lives my husband and I became increasingly interested, involved, and committed to the betterment of their future.  I recognize that our country’s trend away from our founding principles and toward an ever increasing size and scope of government has given rise to the vast majority of the problems we face and which are sure to worsen in the future if we don’t reverse course and return to our founding principles.

  • What are the potential less foreseeable consequences of any proposed government involvement beyond the immediate and most obvious?

  • Does the proposed solution tend to serve the interests of the general  public at large, or does it serve the interests of only a small, well connected or politically active group?

  • If cost is a factor, how will the proposed solution be funded?

For these reasons, and primarily for the sake of our children’s generation, I decided to run for the West Virginia House of Delegates.  Now serving in my second regular session, I have remained steadfast in my commitment to better state government with a  focus on its limited and proper functions.  As promised, where I’ve had the opportunity, I have defended, supported and advanced the cause of the United States Constitution as originally conceived and as amended.  I believe that a common creed, founded on Judeo-Christian values, expressed in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution, enabled the rise of America as a land of free individuals and as the standard bearer of individual rights, free markets and the magnificently improved standard of human living from which we’ve all benefited.  As a result, I approach any legislation or public policy issues from these perspectives:

Faithful adherence to these perspectives keeps me grounded to our founding principles: government limited to its proper purpose, government serving the interests of the public at large, government prudent in its legislative agenda, government prudent in maintaining and spending its citizen’s money, and government that places a premium on respecting the liberty of the people.   Fidelity to these principles will ensure a right sized, appropriately focused and frugal government—a government well suited to its ultimate responsibility, which is to always put its citizens’ liberty first.



  • Does the proposed solution impose upon or impede the liberty of the people?

  • Does government have a proper role in this issue?  If so, is the government action contemplated by the proposed solution limited to the government’s proper functions?

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